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Equestrian & Paddock Services

From landscaping and digger hire through to grass and hedge cutting, our quality services can provide you with the reassurance that your paddock and grounds are regularly maintained and well looked after by our experienced staff and the latest equipment.

Our Equestrian & Paddock Services services include:
  • Grass over-seeding / new grass re-seeds
  • Stone burying
  • Hay and haylage making
  • Supply of hay and straw
  • Muck removal and onsite spreading
  • Construction of roadways and exercise tracks
  • Grass cutting / collecting
  • Verti – Draining
  • Fertilizer supply and spreading
  • Chemical supply and spraying
  • Scrub clearing
  • Hedge trimming


Regularly topping your grass pastures and paddocks is an important task. It encourages grass growth, prevents weeds from going to seed and multiplying and keeps the grass at the ideal height for grazing – 5 – 7cm in most cases – to enable your stock to benefit as much as possible.

Our toppers mulch the grass, allowing it to rot down and help to compost the soil, as well as allowing horses to be returned to paddocks more quickly. We can top your pasture or paddocks regularly or as a one-off or occasional job.

Whatever your requirements, please contact us as we may be able to help.

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