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Material Supplies

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We have a range of high quality compost and aggregate products available to buy in a 1000 litre grab bag to 44 bulker lorry. All available for delivery or collection.

Our products range from various compost and soils to crushed concrete, road planing and crushed brick.

Our Aggregates are made at our recycling facility in Ascot and we produce it by sorting and crushing concrete from our Shorts Group Demolition jobs and concrete.

Our Compost and Soil products are made at our composting facility in Warfield, Berkshire. We are now proud to have Certified BS3882 Topsoil and all of our other Compost products are PAS 100 Accredited so you can be assured of top quality produce every time.

Our Material Supplies products include:
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We are proud to produce and supply premium compost products that are made locally at our composting facility in Berkshire.

We guarantee to provide you with an excellent product that will be perfect for all your landscaping needs. We make sure all our products are PAS 100 accredited so you will not be disappointed with what we produce.

All of our compost products are available to buy in 1000 litre grab bags to 44 ton bulker lorry.

If you can’t find the compost you’re looking for, please call us as we may be able to make a compost to your requirements.

We’ve created a useful Compost and Soil Comparative Chart which can be downloaded here: Compost Comparative Chart


10mm Compost/​Soil Improver

This product is peat free, Ph 9 and screened to a 0 – 10mm particle size.

It is suitable for general landscape works and can also be used as a mulch around trees/​shrubs, in borders or as a top dressing on lawns. It’s excellent in flower borders, vegetable plots or raised beds. Simply dig it into your soil to improve structure, moisture holding ability, worm activity and root growth.

Reward’ should be mixed with soil at a ratio of 1 part Reward to 2 parts soil to achieve its full potential as it will not support plant growth on its own.

We’ve created a dispatch information sheet for our 10mm Compost which can be downloaded here: Product Information 


20mm Compost/​Mulch – Agrimulch’

Agrimulch’ is peat free, Ph 9 mulch, which has been screened to 0 – 20mm particle size.

It’s used in Agriculture as a fertilizer and soil improver and it can be delivered to local farms in bulk with a tractor and trailer. We also offer mixing, loading and spreading services.

It can also be used in the garden as a rough mulch around trees, shrubs and on borders. It’s also a very good soil improver, conditioning heavy clay soil when dug in and will increase worm activity and improve organic matter in the soil.

We’ve created a dispatch information sheet for our 20mm Compost which can be downloaded here: Product Information


We are proud to be producing a Topsoil that has been certified to BS3882 (British Standards Institute). We offer a variety of high quality blended soils, all made at our composting facility in Berkshire by an experienced and professional team.

What does it take to get a BS3882 Certification?

Certified Topsoil must have passed specific analysis parameters to prove:

  • Fertility
  • Free from contamination
  • Soil structure and classification
Divot Mix 2

Divot Mix – Golden Fleece’

Golden Fleece’ can be used on lawns, polo pitches or playing fields as a top dressing. It creates a good playing surface and encourages root growth as well as feeding the grass with slow release fertiliser. It is made from washed sand blended together with our 10mm PAS accredited soil conditioner. It is available in Spring/​Summer.

Bs topsoil

Soil – Planners Gold – British Standard Topsoil’

conditioner to make a soil suitable for topping up flower beds, raised beds, vegetable plots and laying turf. It is produced to British Topsoil BS3882 and tested and verified to ensure product consistency

Recycled Soil

Our recycled soil is reclaimed mixed soil from building sites, garden waste skips etc. It is screened but can contain varying amounts of other materials, stones etc. depending on its source. It is suitable for use as a subsoil or infilling/​backfilling in landscaping. Available in a variety of quantities from 1000 litre grab bags to 44 ton bulker lorry.


We have green wood waste and roots for recycling at our Planners Farm location. We take in timber to chip and have a cone tractor powered wood splitter for hire.



Logs are available to buy in 1,000 litre grab bags, ideal for wood burning stoves.



We can supply woodchip, please ring for availability.


We produce and supply a range of aggregates such as crushed concrete, road planings and crushed brick. All of our products are made at our recycling facility in Ascot.

Road planings

Road Plannings 

Crushed Tarmac supplied and delivered in 8 Wheelers – Suitable for a variety of uses including filling potholes, creating driveways and hard-standing. Road Planings are produced from reclaimed tarmac from roads and driveways which are crushed to uniform size.

JT20 022 Type 1 Crushed Concrete

Type 1 crushed concrete

Our Type 1 Crushed Concrete is suitable for a variety of uses such as making up rough tracks and filling potholes.

JT20 025 Crushed Concrete with Fines

Crushed concrete with fines

Suitable for a variety of uses such as making hard-standing or bases.

JT20 019 Crushed Concrete No Fines

Crushed concrete no fines

Suitable for a variety of uses such as filling drainage ditches.


Crushed brick

Suitable for a variety of uses including bases for roads, hard standings and site compounds. 6F5 Crushed Brick is produced from bricks collected from demolished walls which is then crushed to between 10 and 75mm. It will contain fines.

IMG 1947

Reject Sand

Also known as​‘As-Dug Sand’ is a non-certified material commonly sourced from various large excavation sites (colour will vary). It’s a cost effective material ideal for pipe coverage and other underground hazards.

For a free no-obligation quotation on any of our materials, please call the team on: 
01344 891 367 or email: composting@​shorts-​agricultural.​co.​uk

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