Cropkare now taking bookings

Cropkare – Now taking bookings for Supply & Spread

14 March, 2020

Now that we’ve (hopefully) said goodbye to the snow, our Agricultural team are now taking bookings for supply and spreading of Cropkare.

Shorts Agricultural are agents for Cropkare PK fertiliser for the South East and Central England and offer both supply and spreading service.

For those that don’t know the benefits of Cropkare, it’s a concentrated inorganic multi nutrient compound fertiliser produced by burning poultry litter to generate electricity. It’s ideal for grassland and arable crops. Replenish low P, K Soil Index’s and increase crop yield and efficiency using Cropkare. A cheaper alternative to TSP and MOP fertilisers.

Advantages of Cropkare
Very competitively priced compared to alternatives traditional P and K fertilisers
Multi-nutrient fertiliser – High in Potash and Phosphate, secondary and trace elements.
Available and extended release of P and K to soils.
Consistent product, easy to spread, tray tested to 12m.
No odour.
Pathogen free.
Can be used to increase P&K index and meet annual crop requirements.
Increase efficient use of N by crop and save in N cost.

For a no-obligation quote, get in touch:

T: 01344 891 983
E: info@​shorts-​agricultural.​co.​uk