Tyre Donations for Wooden Hill Primary School

16 March, 2020

Shorts Agricultural were delighted to donate some extra-large tyres to Wooden Hill Primary School in Bracknell.

The tyres have been a great addition to their play area and the kids were squealing with excitement as they were delivered via our Telehandler through the playground.

We are fully committed to recycling and re-using as much as possible and thought of no better way than donating to the local community and allowing the school children to explore and play with them outdoors.

It was clear to see from the kids reactions that the tyres will bring a lot of joy and fun to the playground and we are thrilled that they can be used for such a worthy cause.

Lizzie Rutter, Early Years Lead at Wooden Hill Primary School, comments: A big thank you to Shorts Agricultural for donating the wonderful tyres. The children truly love them, and it’s causing lots of interest from our older children in the school who look longingly over the fence wishing they were in the Reception class. My colleagues shared we have never seen such excitement in the children’. My class were itching to get to play in them, we had power rangers, space men and children jumping on and off them ….great for their core muscles!”